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The only reason white people think being called a ‘white person’ is racist, or harmful or wrong is because they are used to the privilege of just being seen as a ‘person’ without their race or color being an issue for them. You see, when you call them ‘white,’ suddenly, they are not just a person, but now they have a color. Suddenly, they are no better than a PoC. And that scares the s*** out of them.

Omar Sankofa (via agirlcalledchris)

I prefer “pale skinnned” myself. ;)

Although “Gringo”, depite it’s derogaotory connotation, has a better ring to it. Y ¡me gusta español muchísimo!

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There’s a stereotype that black people are lazy. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know white people went all the way to Africa to get out of doing work.

Lance Crouther (via rattlingbone)

Sometimes you read something and your whole perspective of a situation changes. This is one of those things.  

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Love it.

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Don’t just say that black unemployment is four times that of whites. Say that black businesses only get 2 percent of the $1 trillion of black buying power, and then say that black businesses are the greatest private employer of black people.

Then you might be able to say, wow, if there were more support of black businesses, if maybe a little more of that $1 trillion got to those businesses, unemployment wouldn’t be so high.


“Rooftops in the summer are hot. Cooling down buildings wastes energy. Solution: Painting roofs with energy saving white reflective paint.” The White Roof Project is a nonprofit dedicated to curbing climate change by painting NYC roofs white and then hopefully franchising the volunteering activity out across the United States. 

And they’re absolutely onto something. In 2009, Energy Secretary Steven Chu pitched this idea. According to the Wall Street Journal, “white roofs and pavements could mean a one-time reduction of 44 billion tons of carbon dioxide. That… translates to removing all the cars in the world for 18 years.”

Former President Bill Clinton wrote last summer that white rooftops could lower “the utility bill in every apartment house 10 to 20 percent…”

And in the southeastern region of Almeria, Spain, the reflective roofs of their greenhouses (and they’re seriously into greenhouses) are cooling the air temperature in the regionby an average of 0.3 degrees Celsius per decade since 1983. The rest of Spain, however, has experienced temperatures rise 0.5 degrees Celsius.”

Sounds like it might be time to get some white paint and a few ladders. Read more about The White Roof Project, and if you’re in NYC, volunteer!





…a screencap of the most popular comments on the Yahoo News article about Zimmerman’s arrest. Is this what a post-racial society looks like?

F***ing white people…


I mean, honestly, I just want to f***ing die.

What honestly disturbs me are both the posts pictured and the reactions to the screencap.

Seriously, generalizing is not a good thing either way. The racist garbage pictured does not need to be generalized to include all white people.

I understand that there is rampant (often unspoken) racism and that whites of European descent have and abuse most of the power in this nation.

Do not lump me in with the idiots shown in the screencap.

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